Softball Grades 3-8

Softball Mini Camps

Draft Process 

At Minicamp, each child will be rated on their skill levels in three categories for proper placement:

  • Hitting
  • Fielding/Catching
  • Throwing/Pitching

During the minicamp process each player is rated with an Advanced, Intermediate, or Beginner skill set level.  Each player will be drafted to a team approximately one week after minicamp. The draft works as follows:

  • Each coach draws a number to determine draft order
  • Pitchers are drafted first by grade and by skill set
  • Remaining players are drafted by grade and by skill set

The goal is to create ‘evenly skilled’ teams.


For example,

  • 4th grade Advanced pitchers first
  • 4th grade Intermediate pitchers next
  • 4th grade Beginner pitchers next
  • 4th grade Advanced remaining players next
  • 4th grade Intermediate remaining players next
  • 4th grade Beginner remaining players next
  • 3rd grade Advanced pitchers first
  • 3rd grade Intermediate pitchers next
  • 3rd grade Beginner pitchers next
  • 3rd grade Advanced remaining players next
  • 3rd grade Intermediate remaining players next
  • 3rd grade Beginner remaining players next

This process applies to grades 3rd through 8th grade.  

The Commissioner for each sport will appoint head coaches for each team before the start of each season.  Each Head Coach is responsible for selecting their own Assistant Coaches.  All Coaches must be CYO Certified and be approved by the SPH Athletic Board prior to working with the kids.  

Any questions please contact the baseball and softball commissioner: 

Brian Killian, (419) 699-5633,