Interested in Becoming a Coach?  

If you are interested in becoming a coach, please contact the Commissioner for that Sport and let them know that you are willing to volunteer.  The Commissioners will select the coaches for each sport.  Once selected, every coach must be approved by the Athletic Board and by the CYO office.   All coaches must be certified with CYO in order to coach any team at St. Pat's even if it is not a CYO sport.  

If you will be attending a Certification course, please register with the CYO Office at least 2 business days in advance. 


The CYO Coaches Certification schedule

CYO Certification Details:  

As a first step, all coaches must have gone through a background check and be registered in the Virtus online system.  The instructions to complete the background check can be downloaded by clicking this link.  If you are not certain of your status with Virtus, you may check with Mary Miller in the school office.  

To coach in the CYO program, both head and assistant coaches must attend an initial certification class followed by a re-certification class every twelve months.  This year we will continue to hold a sport-specific coaches’ organizational meeting at the beginning of each re-certification session. 


      If you have recently attended a re-certification for basketball or a fall sport, you do not need to attend the entire three-hour session.  We do, however, encourage you to attend the first hour for the sport-specific rules meeting for the sport you will be coaching.  There is no charge to attend the meeting portion of the re-certification session.  There is a $10.00 pre-paid charge for re-certification sessions; you will be charged $20.00 if you register at the door.  The initial classes (for coaches new to CYO) cost $20.00 if pre-paid in advance; $30.00 if you register at the door.  If your certification status has lapsed, you will need to attend the initial class again. 


      In addition to attending the appropriate certification class, every CYO coach is required to complete the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) online Concussion Course in response to Ohio House Bill 143 which took effect in April 2013.  You may do this by visiting  You must then provide CYO with a copy of your Certificate of Completion – you may do this electronically to  This Concussion Course is NOT included in certification classes, so coaches must complete this 30 minute course on their own time.  The Concussion certification is valid for three years, so if you have completed this course previously in response to Ohio House Bill, 143, you may need to retake the class since it’s been a law for longer than three years.


Every CYO coach must now also view the approved (ODE/ODH/OHSAA) free online Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness class (and take the post-test) in response to Ohio Senate Bill 252 which became effective August 1, 2017.  You may access the Sudden Cardiac Arrest video and test questions by clicking on the link below  This link will then send a notification to the CYO Office that you completed the test, so you don’t need to email or bring a Certificate of Completion with you.  This law currently requires that coaches retake the class every 12 months.


      If you intend to coach this upcoming Spring season, you MUST have your certificate from the NFHS online concussion course and the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness class on file in the CYO Office before you will be considered fully certified.  This means that in order to receive your lanyard at the end of the initial certification class or re-certification class you attend, this must already have been submitted. 


      If you have any questions regarding your certification status, please call our office and speak with Kathy Rakay, CYO Administrative Assistant (244-6711, ext. 4932).  While we do not enjoy confronting coaches who appear to be coaching without current certification status, we will do so.  It is unfair to those of you who do what is required of you to minister to youth in our diocese. 


Coaches will receive a CYO lanyard/name insert upon completion of certification (having already completed the online NFHS Concussion Awareness course & the approved Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness course), so it is very important that you keep your certification status current.   ALL coaches will be required to wear their lanyard if they intend to sit on the bench this season.  If you do not certify, you will not be issued a lanyard.